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I'm an artist at heart. I remember drawing at school in the first and second grade then selling those drawings to my classmates for a quarter. Looking back on that I feel bad because they were trash. But Ive always been an entrepreneur. A few years ago I decided to give this business a shot and I haven't regretted it. I truly love what I do. I know these sections of the website are supposed to be about my extensive experience and flashy degree from an art school. My thought has been let a persons work speak for themselves. The truth is that the power of the internet and a desire to create is the path Ive been on. Now I do have mentors who help me grow and challenge me but if you want to do something bad enough you will do it. Photography is my art!

I love my wife, boys, jiu jitsu and cinnamon rolls!

"Jake Churchwell with Churchwell Visual Arts provided an incredible photography experience for me with some amazing Headshot pictures. He provided great guidance and suggestions before I even arrived with tips he e-mailed me about clothes, make-up, hair etc. ( Very helpful for this newbie) He patiently walked me through step by step poses.  Jake was so professional and comfortable to work with, for a short minute he had me wondering if I had missed my calling as a model!! (Just Kidding but you get the comfort zone he put me in 😊!) The pictures turned out above and beyond my expectations.  I can not recommend this photographer enough for any of your photography needs.  He is the best, can’t wait to book him for some of my other family members.  Thank you again Jake Churchwell."

Kristi M.

" Jake was awesome! He was able to get me in really quickly, and had great advice as far as posing and background. He is more than reasonably priced, and the quality of the final edits is excellent! Highly recommend!"

Shane C.

"Thank you for all your help Jake Churchwell I enjoyed the time you took to help me. Very professional and he knows his craft. Anyone looking for a great photographer with a quick turnaround I would highly recommend booking a session."

Josh B.

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